What did the cavalier poets write about

Nickname for the royalists who fought for Charles I during the civil wars. Stemming from the Spanish word caballero, it was meant to connote catholicism, foreignness, and immorality. Parliamentary propagandists accordingly disseminated an image of the typical cavalier as a rakish individual consumed by the pursuit of illicit pleasure and personal gain, a man devoid of moral principles. Rather than reject the nickname, the royalists redefined it for their own purposes.

What did the cavalier poets write about

Jacobean Poetry Cavalier Poetry They were the members of the aristocracy.

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They got their name from the supporters of King Charles-I in the 17th century, who was later executed as a result of civil war.

They were known as Royalists. The other poets of this group lived at the court of Charles-I. They favored the king and the court party as against the Puritans and the Parliament but they did not use their poetry, as a means of propaganda against the foes of the king.

They kept their royalism away from their poetry. They were lyrical poets and chiefly dealt with love, beauty, and war. With the exception of Robert Herrick, who wrote both religious and secular poems, the other Cavalier poets dealt only with secular themes.

They derived from Ben Jonson, the clarity and lucidity of expression, control of emotions and sophistication of tone. Under the influence of Donne, they used a conversational tone, metaphysical conceits etc.

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Thus both Ben Jonson and John Donne were their role models. Cavalier lyricists did not write as professionals for publicity.

what did the cavalier poets write about

They wrote carelessly and their poetry was immature. They used direct language in the poetry which expressed a highly individualistic personality.

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In more detail, the Cavaliers, while writing, accepted the idea of the Renaissance Read more about Renaissance Poetry. They avoided the subject of religionapart from making one or two graceful speeches.

They avoided discovering the depths of the soul. Many poems favour living in moments and are often erotic in nature. Moreover, as Cavalier poets were aristocrats, Cavalier poetry focuses on the cultural life that aristocrats led.

The tone of Cavalier poetry is light.

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It focuses on eroticism and matters of culture. Cavalier poetry is often written from the perspective of a military or aristocratic person, giving it a graceful flair.

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BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Cavalier Poetry and Drama The term “Cavalier” denotes a literary movement that flourished from to , characterized by its practitioners' use of lighthearted wit, elegant mannerisms, amorous and sometimes erotic themes, and .

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what did the cavalier poets write about

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