Lockheed tri star case studies

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Lockheed tri star case studies

In latethe CIA approached the defense contractor Lockheed to build an undetectable spy plane. The work on project Archangel began in the second quarter ofwith aim of flying higher and faster than the U Of 11 successive designs drafted in a span of 10 months, "A" was the frontrunner.

Despite this, however, its shape made it vulnerable to radar detection. The downing of Francis Gary Powers 's U-2 underscored its vulnerability and the need for faster reconnaissance aircraft such as the A Thirteen were built; two variants were also developed, including three of the YF interceptor prototype, and two of the M drone carrier.

The J58s were retrofitted as they became available, and became the standard powerplant for all subsequent aircraft in the series A, YF, Mas well as the SR The A flew missions over Vietnam and North Korea before its retirement in The program's cancellation was announced on 28 December[11] due both to budget concerns [12] and because of the forthcoming SR, a derivative of the A However, a bomber variant of the Blackbird was briefly given the B designator, which was retained when the type was changed to SR When the A performance potential clearly was found to be much greater, the Air Force ordered a variant of the A in December Reconnaissance equipment included signals intelligence sensors, a side-looking airborne radarand a photo camera.

Johnson and his administration for falling behind the Soviet Union in developing new weapons.

Lockheed tri star case studies

Johnson decided to counter this criticism by revealing the existence of the YFA Air Force interceptor, which also served as cover for the still-secret A [17] and the Air Force reconnaissance model since July The media transcript given to the press at the time still had the earlier RS designation in places, creating the story that the president had misread the aircraft's designation.

The dark color led to the aircraft's nickname "Blackbird". While the SR carried radar countermeasures to evade interception efforts, its greatest protection was its combination of high altitude and very high speed, which made it almost invulnerable.

Along with its low radar cross-section, these qualities gave a very short time for an enemy surface-to-air missile SAM site to acquire and track the aircraft on radar. If the SAM site could track the SR and fire a SAM in time, the SAM would expend nearly all of the delta-v of its boost and sustainer phases just reaching the SR's altitude; at this point, out of thrust, it could do little more than follow its ballistic arc.

Merely accelerating would typically be enough for an SR to evade a SAM; [3] changes by the pilots in the SR's speed, altitude, and heading were also often enough to spoil any radar lock on the plane by SAM sites or enemy fighters.

Lockheed found that washing welded titanium requires distilled wateras the chlorine present in tap water is corrosive ; cadmium -plated tools could not be used, as they also caused corrosion.

Major portions of the skin of the inboard wings were corrugated, not smooth.Lockheed Tri Star Case Study Introduction By , Lockheed had already invested almost $ million in research and development of the Tri Star L (Scott, ). By , with over $1 billion in sunk costs, Lockheed was seeking a $ million federal guarantee through a congressional hearing in order to complete the program.

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Harvard Business School Rev - Lockheed Tri Star Case Studies introduction. November 17, Investment Analysis and Lockheed Tri Star 1.

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Lockheed tri star case studies

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