Laura kipnis love s labors

For the record, I strongly believe that bona fide harassers should be chemically castrated, stripped of their property, and hung up by their thumbs in the nearest public square.

Laura kipnis love s labors

San Francisco Art Institute, B. Worked previously as a video artist; Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, professor of media studies. Also wrote and produced the videos Ecstasy Unlimited: Originally a video artist, she produced several video essays that were screened at such prestigious locations as the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum in New York, the American Film Instituteand various other venues in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Her primary areas of interest are American politics, the psyche, and the human body, and how these things intersect, with detours into Marx, Freud, love, adultery, scandal, pornography, the avant garde, and their places in society.

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She serves as a professor of media studies at Northwestern University, sharing her knowledge of video production. From her video work, Kipnis has also gone on to become a writer and an activist, expanding on her earlier interests, with a particular focus on the antimonogamy movement.

In Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America, a collection of five connected essays, Kipnis looks at the socially acceptable attitudes toward pornography and what drives them.

It is acknowledged that pornography is not something polite people enjoy—or at least not something they admit enjoying—much in the way one refrains from discussing bodily functions in public. Kipnis states that this is an attempt to maintain a social class distinction, with pornography being equated with the low class and the vulgar, and that rejection of porn is essentially a form of snobbery.

She examines various types of pornography, as well as the assumptions that are commonly made about both the people who produce the material and its consumers, looking at "fat porn" and "transvestite porn" as well as more traditional forms.

She also looks at the differences between imagined violence as part of a fantasy and actual violent behavior, and the ways in which one is incorrectly assumed to lead to the other. Leora Tannenbaum, in a review for the Nation, called the work "a wonderfully insightful book about the elitism that lurks behind antiporn sentiment.

A Polemic, looks at the institution of marriage and monogamous love in terms of the natural behavior of human beings.

Kipnis points out that marriage was originally far more of a business arrangement than anything else, designed to unite family fortunes, ensure the continuation of a family line, and even as a form of barter.

Feelings had no place in the contract that was a marriage, beyond those of duty.

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However, as love came into play and couples chose to marry, it became more and more likely that those feelings of love and lust that brought them together would alter over time, creating miserable marriages and making adultery more likely as people try to recapture the initial feelings of love that their current relationships no longer provide.

Stephanie Zacharek, in a review for Salon. I can't remember the last time a Marxist-leaning academic made laugh out loud, so heartily and so often.

Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability looks at the key points behind the battle between the sexes as Kipnis examines the progress of the women's movement and where she thinks it has gone off course. Carol Haggas, in a review for Booklist, called the book "incisive, engrossing, controversial, and circumspect.

Klein felt the book was "most effective simply as what Kipnis hints it may be: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability, p. Hall, review of Against Love. Kirkus Reviews, June 1,review of Against Love, p. Klein, review of The Female Thing, p.

Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America, p. Publishers Weekly, April 22,review of Bound and Gagged, p. Boston Phoenix Online, http: Laura Kipnis's Antimonogamy Polemic.

Monogamy, Marriage, and Other Menaces. Femininity," review of The Female Thing. San Francisco Chronicle Online, http:It wasn’t the first time Laura Kipnis’s work got mistaken for self help.

“I don’t [give advice], and I never wanted to,” Kipnis says, “but when you write a book called ‘ Against Love, ’ people do try to read it . The People vs. Laura Kipnis Madeleine Schwartz Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation coupled life,” she writes in Against Love. “Of course there’s always murder.” the of labor under late capitalism while men work an auto repair line; in the next scene.

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

Laura Kipnis’s essay, “Love’s Labors” addresses love and adultery. Kipnis addresses the common way of thinking of why and how cheating is so prevalent in today’s culture.

Kipnis goes into detail about the impact love has on our way of thinking. Men, Kipnis’s sixth book, is a collection of portraits of lousy r-bridal.coms, stalkers, cheaters—Kipnis, “like a dog picking up high-pitched whistles” has returned over and over to .

Laura kipnis love s labors

labors, the first chapter of against love: a polemic, by laura kipnis, contention that love, one of the most pervasive and seemingly fundamentalsources, resources, and facts explained - neil strauss - 4 the t rut h – sourc e s, resours e s, and facts e xplaine d kipnis, laura.

“ and the. AGAINST LOVE: A Polemic Laura Kipnis, Author that "perhaps these social pathologies and aberrations of love are the necessary fallout from the social conventions of love." Kipnis is adroit.

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